Traffic Secret - SEO SECRET

Set up a blogPost entries regularly to keepThings interesting and fresh.Stay on topic.If you want to go off-topic in your posts, makesure to put a disclaimer.

Make a squeeze page that simply tries to getvisitors to submit their e-mail addresses.Don’t put video or other heavy elements onyour squeeze pageGive your visitors the option of telling theirfriends as they complete their signup or just asthey are leaving.Add exit pop-ups with “special offers” or“maybe you’d prefer” types of messages.

Link or embed videos in your posts, as this canencourage traffic for both your website andyour video website profile.Try Video..Fiddler is another video hosting servicethat you can try out. Make A Video Response. Post Videos to Several Websites.

People love getting free stuff, so once in awhile set up some sort of contest orgiveaway.Add free extras to purchases to bump upthe perceived value.Large giveaways are more effective thansmall, regular giveaways, so plan yourgiveaway schedule accordingly.

Work with Other Marketers.Link to Other Websites.Promote Your Partner’s Goods or Services.Offer free stuff from partners and theycan do the same for you.Sponsor Events.Email for Your PartnersParticipate in Traffic Exchange

 Sign-up for accounts on websites likeFacebook and MySpace, then set up aprofile for your business.When trawling for “friends” or “followers”to invite, try to look for the ones who haveinterests linked to what you have to offer.If you can bag a connection with peopleinfluential within their social circles, thenthey can invite their friends to connect toyou.Use MicroBlogging ServicesUse Ning or SocialGOUse Business Social Networking Sites

Good copy on your website or blogentries is essential, since bad copy is likelyto drive potential customers away.Write useful, informative articlesHire A WriterUse Programs that can Post Articles forYouGuest Post

Make use of pay-per-click (PPC) adsCost-per-action (CPA) advertising is also aviable choice, and it is more flexible thanPPC.Banner ads may seem old-fashioned, butthey are still found everywhere, so trythem out.Advertise on e-zines.Advertising on digital classified adswebsites can help too.Online radio is gaining popularity, soadvertising on these Internet-based radiostations is a good idea.List builder websites have lots of e-mailaddresses, so you can take some and add toyour list for advertising mail.Google’s AdSense is a context-sensitiveadvertising system that can deliver yourads more precisely to the right people.Submit your website to online websitedirectories.

Join ForumsUse an Auto-ResponderProvide Quality to Traffic Coming fromSocial Bookmarking Sites.Comment and share your ideasAnswer questions on Yahoo! Answers, andwhen opportune, mention your website.Writing a regular newsletter for sendingout to subscribers is a great way to keepthem in the loop and you in their minds.

Advertise in NewspapersPrint posters and post them on publicbulletin boards or other places, as long asyou have permission to do so.Prepare flyers and hand them out topeople with a smile, or slip them under carwiper blades and the like.If you see someone reading your poster,you could walk up to them and talk to themabout it.Business cards make introductions andface-to-face advertising easy.Use word-of-mouth advertising.Use Radio Advertising.Physical mail is another choice.Take Advantage of Street Level Advertising

Press releases are very useful if you knowhow to write and publish them.The tone of press releases should notaim to sell, but to inform.Save press releases for major events.

Sell on eBay.Sell on Amazon.Take Advantage of the Kindle Fever.

Set up your blog or website with RSS, soyour subscribers can get your posts as theygo online.Use Audio Instead of Video. Be Nice .Get Your Ads Seen on Book Inserts.Apply SEO.Buy expired domain traffic and getvisitors who are redirected from websitesthat no longer exist.RESOURCESTo quickly discover a little known traffic secret, go

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